Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wait a Second....

Yes, at times I'm a bit slow but with my five lovely children running around sometimes my mind is on other things.

Tonight it just dawned on me that apparently Cash for Clunkers has been a big success. BUT, it's been less than a year ago that banks didn't have money to loan and now they must be turning out tons of loans for cars right. Aren't cars a bigger risk than a house? Maybe even a riskier loan in a down economy where unemployment seems to be going up on a daily bases.

So, banks still have TARP funds. Dealers still have the money they "borrowed". Now the government is giving out more money than even my parents in my lifetime would have given me for a down payment on a car. Interesting.

This is the part of the circus where everything is at the middle at once and you just can't look at one act or you may miss another.

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