Friday, July 17, 2009

Land of the Taxed and Home of the Apathetic

Could you imagine your mayor, congressman, senator, governor, or president just coming up to you and looking through your wallet, taking out whatever money they so choose and handing your wallet back to you? Most people don't think of it this way and honestly I didn't used to.

I guess it really hit me one day while I was making out my house payment. I thought about how I had a 30 year mortgage and if I paid x amount how much sooner I could get it paid for. Then it hit me, my house will never be paid for! My house and property belong to the government. Long after the mortgage company is paid I will still never be the owner of what my husband and I have worked so hard for. Crazy huh!

Then I got to thinking about the other things that we pay taxes on, at least where I live. My car, as long as I own my car, even long after it's paid for the government gets their share unless I just decide to park it in the garage and never move it. Yup, every year we pay for those license plates, and if you don't and you get caught driving, you get a ticket. We all know too that ticket money goes to the government.

It's everywhere, those of us who have sales tax, business must pay an inventory tax, taxes on utilities, fuel tax, sin taxes, and the list goes on.

Sadly, I can't think of anything you could do that one isn't taxed on. Yet, most of the everyday people don't even think about it we just go off to work and come home tired and do it all over and over again while Uncle Sam decides how much he wants and what he wants to use it for.

I know I need to study more about what our founding fathers believed in when it came to taxes. I admit I was a slacker in high school. I don't pretend to be much more now. I will say though whatever the founding fathers had in mind, I don't believe it was what it has become.

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  1. sheesh, without taxes how would the wars be paid for??