Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm still in shock...

Somebody pinch me! Was this really on CNBC?

Rick Santelli says he wants to organize a "Tea Party" in Chicago in July! Mr. Santelli starts a rant with "The government is promoting bad behavior." It goes on from there and you can watch it here.

Thank you Mr. Santelli. I feel Americans are voicing their opinions to deaf ears! I wonder how far the Obama Administration thinks that it can cram Shitulus and bailouts down our throats before the American public comes unglued!

There were several protests this week and none of them made the MSM news! Our Founding Fathers in there wisdom gave us free press and the 2nd amendmant to make sure that our government was kept in check to protect us from tyranny! Mr. Santelli ends his report with "What we are are doing in this country are making them (our Founding Fathers) role over in there grave. "

The more I read comments around the web I know that I'm not alone. People are POed! The paid Obama bloggers are on the unemployment roles and now the real public opinions are coming forward. If you don't believe me go to Yahoo and click on a news story about Obama and this stimulus then click buzz. This will take you to a whole list of comments from the "Average Joe" and they aren't pleasant, maybe the White House should be reading them as well. You can only blame so many things on the "last eight years" and if you aren't man enough do the job without blaming other people, you shouldn't have appplied for it.

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