Sunday, July 5, 2009

The MSM is Spinning Over Sarah Palin

I can't help but laugh at all the main stream media spinning over Palin's announcement. They keep saying they don't know what her plans are or what she she is doing. It takes me back to when she was first announced as McCain's running mate. Over and over again they said they didn't know a thing about "this woman". I guess up at the news headquarters that they don't have the internet. To top that, I don't think they have any common sense either.

So, for those in the MSM let me help you out. Please read this very slowly so that you might be able to comprehend it.

Palin said... She isn't going to sit down and shut up. So, therefore she isn't running away from your slanderous acts.

To the everyday person who can hear. She is going to do other things to promote an agenda she believes in, something she can't do from her Governor's Office. Why, because the ankle biters are going to charge her with an ethics complaint if she sneezes and uses name brand Kleenex in public. She doesn't have time to deal with petty bs while our country goes down the toilet and all the media can talk about are date nights, gardening at the White House, and Michael Jackson.

She said in an interview with Sean Hannity that perhaps the message during the campaign was somehow not articulated.

Our country under Obama is now more in debt than ever before and the government is growing and intruding into our lives more and more. Sadly, though all the talking heads want to do is call Palin a "crazy puppy". Who's crazy? Are the journalist in this country so far detached from reality they can't gasp this? I can't believe I just posed that question as I already know the answer.

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