Thursday, June 18, 2009

Change in Obama's Popularity

Yes, there are polls out today showing that the tides are changing and Obama's numbers are dropping. I've never put too much stock into polls though.

The trends I have noticed are on the internet; comments on news articles and blog comments. Amazingly unlike during the campaign the comments are more negative about how Obama is handling the issues that face our country.

As hard as the main stream media works to run positive stories and still give him a pass by not challenging him, the word is still getting out. From the looks of what I have seen the word on the street isn't good!

Does Obama seriously believe that he can spend more money than every president combined in the history of our country, blame Bush and we'll believe him? The media can help promote this ridiculous speak but the school systems haven't dumbed down America enough yet that we are buying it.

America's debt is becoming the biggest issue effecting Obama's popularity. I don't know an American that thinks it's cool to be in debt.
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