Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Call to Action - Say No to Cap & Trade

Obama promised that nobody making under $250k would see a tax increase. What he was talking about was income taxes and that's still a wait and see deal. What we are talking about is the taxes that come right up behind you... oh yeah, the sneaky kinds, Cap & Trade, VAT, and gosh knows what else there will be. The government is worse than my kids that steal change from my wallet.

Cap & Trade will raise the cost of gas and electricity through taxes for everyone in America. This would also include businesses, that AC at Walmart might feel good but you'll pay more for it and the diesel that delivered the products all at the cash register. All that while you are paying more at home and more for your car to get there.

This is a call to action! It's time to call your congressmen and tell them no to Cap & Trade! This bill would no doubt hurt our already ailing American economy and families. Find your congressman here and then call or email ASAP. They are due to vote on this on Friday.

As a reminder of how Obama feels about the coal industry, here is a YouTube I found during the campaign.

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