Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties not Grassroots?

Those on the left, including one of our favorites Nancy Pelosi, and those in the MSM believe the Tax Day Tea Parties that were sparked by Rick Santelli's rant were not grassroots but "AstroTurf". Even before Rick's rant I wrote on another blog I have about how I was surprised that poster board was still in stock and couldn't believe people had not taken to the streets. I could see this coming... why, because I'm just an average mom that just goes along in life but even I was ready to speak up and be heard! I knew I couldn't be alone in my thinking.

I have never attended anything like this in my life and know of lots of other people as well that haven't. I went because of the out of control growth of the American Government. I personally think the left is shocked that, that many people could show up in support of their beliefs without being paid and bussed in.

I attended the Tea Party at Dallas City Hall in Dallas, TX where I would guess there were about 5,000 people. I was thinking too, of all the people that didn't know about it, couldn't attend or that were scared to come out, especially after that Department of Homeland Security report. I think of all of them, those still on the sidelines watching the Tea Parties, and thinking it won't be much longer before so, so many more take the plunge to take our country back!

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